No Kill Mouse TrapWhile electronic mousetraps claim to be a humane way to kill mice that have gotten into your house, it is much more humane to trap mice in a no kill mouse trap and then set them free in a more natural environment, whether this be a park, a field, or a forest nearby your house.  Live traps are just as effective as electronic traps and consistently outperform snap traps.  They also eliminate the messy clean up of dead or disabled mice.  With live traps all you have to do is take the trap outside, press down a latch and the mouse with remove itself, often with alacrity.

No kill mouse traps are the best to have around a house with small children or pets.  For instance, if you keep a gerbil and it escapes, you could soon find your furry friend caught in an electronic mousetrap.  If you use poison or caustic bucket traps for your mice your cat or dog could ingest the poison, often with serious consequences.  Snap traps can mean pinched or even broken fingers for little ones.  Live traps not only protect the life of the mouse, but also the health and well-being of your other family members.

Most no kill traps act as jails for mice.  There is a trigger latch door at one end that snaps shut once the tripped trigger indicates that mouse has gone into the trap.  This is a one way door and so the mouse cannot get back out that way.  Instead it must wait and eat the bait you have provided for it until you take it outside.  It is best to check your live traps about once a day or you might end up with an inadvertently starved mouse anyway.  You can pick up the entire trap, but it into a sack and carry it to your chosen release site.  Then most traps have an outer release trigger that opens the top of the trap and the mouse can run out.  Even if you are squeamish when it comes to mice, the design of no kill traps means that you can open the latch without ever even having the chance of coming into contact with the mouse.

Live traps are also economical, as they can be used again and again as long as you replace the bait.  Use a no kill mouse trap and both your family and your conscious will thank you.

Humane Mouse Trap

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